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Hey there Dev Squad, Virtus here.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at how you can speed up your 3D modelling workflow utilising GameTextures.com written by Dev staff Virtus.

Developing video games can be a long and tedious process, and one of the most time consuming elements can be creating textures for your multitude of 3D models that you are going to have in your game world whether it be grass, rocks or even metal. You’ll need to find realistic samples and edit them extensively to turn them into a game ready texture for your model.


GameTextures.com has been in the texture creation and material authoring scene since 2012 . Now, you can find their materials in games all across the development spectrum, from Indie to AAA the GameTextures materials make their mark. The companies primary focus has been on creating great game ready substances that they offer in a huge array of download formats, making sure developers whether they are an artist or not, can have outstanding materials in their kit.


By utilising GameTextures you can save yourself a lot of time by going through their huge library of of quality game materials and downloading them ready to be painted onto your 3D models or even be use used in your video game landscapes. They are even substance ready which means you can import them directly into Unreal Engine 4 or Unity using the Substance plugin. Additionally, you can bring that material straight into substance painter ready to be painted directly onto your 3D model.

By doing the above you’re able to cut out the painstaking process of capturing textures, editing them & quality checking them. Instead you can implement GameTextures into your workflow and spend more time doing the things that matter, all while being rest assured you have the highest quality textures around.


GameTextures do offer a free plan giving you 3 credits to use every month along with a variety of one off free packs. If you want to see their pick of freebies available you can go ahead and checkout out their freebies page here.

In addition to the above freebies, they recently released a free materials pack for Unreal Engine which can be downloaded and used in your project, you can find it here.

If you want to make the most of their extensive library, they do have affordable plans to suit even the smallest developer budgets on their pricing page found here.


To make things even easier, GameTextures have just released their SHADE toolkit for Unreal Engine & Unity. SHADE is a new set of powerful shaders built by the experts over at GameTextures. Each shader is designed to be as simple, and powerful as possible, with a powerful, light-weight footprint SHADE. can easily power your entire games Material pipeline. SHADE is designed to work hand in hand with the pre-packaged materials from GameTextures.com, but can easily be used with any textures if they are packed correctly. If you want to download SHADE for free you can check it out on the Unreal Engine & Unity marketplaces using the links below:



Not only that, game textures have also put together a sweet tutorial on how to get started with their shade toolkit, enjoy!

I hope you have all enjoyed this article and have checked out GameTextures to see how they can help your development pipeline more streamlined. Be sure to follow them on social media for more awesome updates!

As always guys, stay awesome… keep creating!

Your boy Virtus, signing out.



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